Crystal Mine

Filip tengwall mainshotsmallerres2

Main shot of the scene.

Filip tengwall mineview2
Filip tengwall roomview2
Filip tengwall pillarview2
Filip tengwall someviewidk
Filip tengwall stairview2
Filip tengwall detail

Detail Lighting of the main shot.

Filip tengwall assets1

Asset Breakdown

Filip tengwall assets2

Asset Breakdown #2

Filip tengwall buildingblocks

Breakdown of walls, ground etc.

Filip tengwall materials

Materials made in Substance Designer.

Filip tengwall rockmaterialsetup

Mastermaterial for the ground.

Freetime project at Futuregames!

Finally wrapping this one up.
This started of more stylized and lowpoly than it ended up, but I think it worked out fine.
Felt a lot like more could be done and adjusted, but theres importance in finishing projects and not overdoing it.

My main focus on this scene was finding a good balance in lighting, aswell as playing around a lot with vertex painting and post process.
I learned a lot about building master materials and how using post process can really change the entire mood of an environment.

The environment is also deliberately designed so that the potential player would have a clear guideline in where to go next. The lights aswell as the small room are there to make it clear that the player should cross the bridge, check out the room, go down the stairs and further into the cave.

The scene consists of 3 different master materials that are instanced through all meshes.
The fire particles and moss textures are from unreal.

Critique welcome!