Filip tengwall screenshot 05
Filip tengwall screenshot 06
Filip tengwall screenshot 04
Filip tengwall screenshot006

Highpoly Mesh

Filip tengwall screenshot 03

Wireframe and breakdown of Texturemaps

Marmoset Viewer

Phlogistinator from Team Fortress 2!

This is a hardsurfaceproject I made about a year ago, but I decided to remake the lowpoly. I remade the lowpoly from scratch, aswell as the UVs, baking, and texturing.

I've always liked the design of this weapon and I'm a big TF2 fan, so this was a lot of fun to make.
I tried to keep the detail of the textures relatively low to keep the feel and artstyle of TF2, while still attempting to keep it fresh with a PBR workflow.
In order to keep the textures "simple" and stay close to the TF2 style I decided to hold back on too much detail on the texutres, such as dirt and scratches. There is improvements to be made for sure, but I am quite happy with the result.

Normals are baked in Maya, the rest of the maps are baked in Marmoset. Model is presented in Marmoset.
Maps are 2048x2048 and the tricount is 19k.

Now that this is done, I finally get to stop googling Phlogistinator every time I try to spell it.
Critique welcome!